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Black Waxed Hemp 8

Black Waxed Hemp

2 oz. (50 gram / large) rolls of waxed Irish linen (hemp). Now available in 2, 3 and 4 strands. I use the 4 strand when I start wrapping a joint until it just touches. I use the 2 and 3 strand to finish a joint or set reeds.

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College of Piping Tutor #1 (green book) 10

College of Piping Tutor #1 (green book)

This is the newest edition of this book. The audio and video lessons are now available on-line. The book is no longer shipped with a CD-ROM. This instruction book is used by a lot of bagpipe teachers - check with your teacher before ordering. For practicing you will also need: a practice chanter a spare practice chanter reed a metronome a roll of waxed hemp (if your chanter uses it) blank music paper (internet search for this) audio recorder The first four items you can order from this web-site.


Piper's 3rd Hand 3

Piper's 3rd Hand

Can be useful when you are learning to tune your pipes. Holds the Low A for you leaving your right hand free to tune your drones.


Reed Absorb 4

Reed Absorb

Pack of 12 small sponge discs that can be placed around the base of your practice chanter reed to extend your practice time. Only use with poly or laminate chanters. Do not use with wood chanters.


Sandy Jones Beginning the Bagpipe 8

Sandy Jones Beginning the Bagpipe


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Thumb Stops 3

Thumb Stops

Tool to help keep your thumb in place when practicing or playing.


Yellow Waxed Hemp 11

Yellow Waxed Hemp

2 oz. (50 gram / large) rolls of waxed Irish linen (hemp).

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