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Some items useful for beginners. Contact Us if you are interested in other items.

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Reed Absorb 0

Reed Absorb

Pack of 12 small sponge discs that can be placed around the base of your practice chanter reed to extend your practice time. Only use with poly or laminate chanters. Do not use with wood chanters.


Thumb Stops 2

Thumb Stops

Tool to help keep your thumb in place when practicing or playing.


Black Waxed Hemp 2

Black Waxed Hemp

2 oz. (50 gram / large) rolls of waxed Irish linen (hemp). Now available in 2, 3 and 4 strands. I use the 4 strand when I start wrapping a joint until it just touches. I use the 2 and 3 strand to finish a joint or set reeds.

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Piper's 3rd Hand 5

Piper's 3rd Hand

Can be useful when you are learning to tune your pipes. Holds the Low A for you leaving your right hand free to tune your drones.


Yellow Waxed Hemp 2

Yellow Waxed Hemp

2 oz. (50 gram / large) rolls of waxed Irish linen (hemp). 3-strand is out of stock until early summer

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Sandy Jones Beginning the Bagpipe 8

Sandy Jones Beginning the Bagpipe

Make your selection below. If you are just getting the CD, it is assumed that you already have the book. The CD can not realy be used without the book.

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College of Piping Tutor Books 8

College of Piping Tutor Books

The cover of the green book has been changed again and it is now called "The Highland Bagpipe Tutor, Book One" instead of "The College of Piping: Tutor for the Highland Bagpipe, Part One". The contents of the book are the same as the new 2017 edition.

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