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Practice Chanter Reeds


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Duncan Soutar Practice Chanter Reed -2

Duncan Soutar Practice Chanter Reed

Another new style practice chanter reed from Duncan Soutar.  If you are looking for a nice mellow PC reed, give this one a try.


Gibson Practice Chanter Reed 0

Gibson Practice Chanter Reed

These reeds take a bit more air than other practice chanter reeds. Good for switching between your pipes and your practice chanter since they are a bit harder to overblow. These reeds do not like chanters with narrow reed seats.


Walsh Practice Chanter Reed 0

Walsh Practice Chanter Reed

Picture needs to be updated. Wrapping is now purple.


Reed Absorb 2

Reed Absorb

Pack of 12 small sponge discs that can be placed around the base of your practice chanter reed to extend your practice time. Only use with poly or laminate chanters. Do not use with wood chanters.


Murray Henderson Practice Chanter Reed 10

Murray Henderson Practice Chanter Reed

From the Henderson web-site: A good practice reed makes those hours of playing so much more enjoyable! Experience the kind of quality sound from your practice chanter that Murray Henderson expects from his! Reeds are black now - picture needs to be updated.


Pipe Dreams Practice Chanter Reeds 10

Pipe Dreams Practice Chanter Reeds

Plastic practice chanter reed from the people who make Ezeedrone reeds. The reeds are not shipped to me in the little plastic bottles any more - I just have not updated the picture.


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