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Have a set of pipes or piping supplies that you want to sell on consignment? Northwest Bagpipes holds the items until they sell and charges 10% of the sale price.

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1995 Kron Blackwood Pipes & Case 1

1995 Kron Blackwood Pipes & Case

Pipes have silver ferrules, imitation ivory projecting mounts, and imitation ivory ring caps. Included with the pipes and case are the poly Kron chanter, Ezeedrone reeds, hybrid pipe bag, green bag cover & cords.

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1945-ish MacPherson Blackwood Pipes w/ Hard Case 1

1945-ish MacPherson Blackwood Pipes w/ Hard Case

Wood and mounts are uncracked but pipes have been played a lot for over 50 years. Drones are very strong and lock in easily -- tested in my Strathmore mounts with Henderson reeds. Wood finish is used up and has been waxed over to protect bare wood by owner. Ferrules, mounts, and caps have discoloured and have dings you can feel (and in a few places see) but no major chips or cracks. Original chanter is uncarved. Sole the start of a crack on the bottom that does not go all the way through to the...

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