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Duncan Soutar

I like these Duncan Soutar drone reeds for people who need an extra easy bagpipe. I have had a couple people that have had to have chanter reeds sanded so light that none of the reeds from the other makers that I carry would hold a tone. Anything harder than an easy-medium chanter reed will almost always cause these reeds to shutdown.

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2 Duncan Soutar Drone Reed Regular

Duncan Soutar Drone Reed Regular

The regular drone reeds work in most newer models of bagpipes since the stocks and drones tend to be the same length and diameter.


1 Duncan Soutar 3/4 Pipe Drone Reeds

Duncan Soutar 3/4 Pipe Drone Reeds

These drone reeds are setup for Duncan Soutar 3/4 blackwood and poly bagpipes so that they will play in tune with full size pipes.


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