Pipe Chanter Reeds

Please include the make/model/year of your chanter when ordering reeds so I can test in the same (or similar) type of chanter before shipping.

(image for) Duncan Soutar Pipe Chanter Reed

Duncan Soutar Pipe Chanter Reed

An easy reed crows and can be blown through to a clear tone with little/no effort. I like light reeds for solo performances, solo competitions, and playing for dancers. They take more diaphragm and arm control to keep them in tune with the drone reeds but they can be played for hours. A medium reed crows with little effort and can be blown through to a clear tone without hurting yourself. I like medium reeds for parades and band competitions. They generally take a week or two of very light...
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(image for) Redwood Smallpipe Chanter Reed

Redwood Smallpipe Chanter Reed

A/D cane smallpipe chanter reed from the maker of Redwood drone reeds.
(image for) Reed Absorb

Reed Absorb

Pack of 12 small sponge discs that can be placed around the base of your practice chanter reed to extend your practice time. Only use with poly or laminate chanters. Do not use with wood chanters.
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