Comparing/Ordering Bagpipes

If this is your first set of pipes, you will need to start by figuring out what do (or do not) want.  You should also figure out how much you can afford to spend and subtract about $200.  You will end up spending that $200 on things like a pipe case, brushes, music, etc.

  • Do you have a particular pipe maker that are interested in?
  • What size of pipe are you after? Full size, 3/4 size, or small
  • Do you want pipes made of wood or plastic?
  • Do you want pipes that are smooth turned or beaded & combed?
  • Do you want button or projecting mounts?
  • Do you want chalise or military (T) drone tops?
  • Do you want metal or non-metal ferrules, mounts, ring caps, slides?
  • Do you want traditional or custom colours on the non-metal parts?
  • Do you want a plastic or wood chanter?
  • Do you want a sole on the chanter?
  • Do you want engraving (hand or machine) on any of the parts?
  • Do you want a hide or synthetic pipe bag?
  • Do you want to setup the pipes with your instructor?
  • Do you want the pipes now or wait for them to be made?

Once you have made up a list of things that you do (or do not) want on your pipes - then you might be ready to start looking at the list of pipes available.

Unless you now have even more questions than when you started reading this page.

If you do have more questions, just click on the "Contact Us" link and start typing or call us during our business hours.

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