About Us

Northwest Bagpipes has been in business since January 2007 and consists of just me and my wife. She is in charge and is willing to ship out packages for me in the morning. I do what she tells me to do and then I get to buy, sell, play, and teach bagpipes. :-)

But a bit more seriously - I only sell instruments and reeds that I am willing to play or use with my students. If you purchase a complete instrument from me, it will come to you fully assembled, pressure tested, and ready to tune and play (unless the reeds get jarred out during shipping). If you purchase sticks and stocks, they will be wrapped with hemp and ready to install.

What I am currently playing:

For solo performances, competitions, and playing for dancers I play a Strathmore ST-2a with a sheepskin bag, blackwood Strathmore chanter, easy Soutar chanter reed and Henderson cane drone reeds. For band performances I play a Soutar DS-2b with a Bannatyne hide wrapped side zipper bag, poly Soutar chanter, easy Soutar chanter reed and Henderson Harmonic Deluxe drone reeds. For below freezing performances I play a Dunbar DP-2b with a Bannatyne synthetic zipper bag, Colin Kyo laminated chanter, easy Soutar chanter reed and Henderson Synthetic drone reeds.

Our logo (for now) has a yellow cedar bass and two western red cedar tenors.

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